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Winter runoff begins!

The 2016 2017 winter has been a long winter with lots of storms and temperatures, now we're running up against spring and the run off has begun. With warmer temperatures during the daytime and still freezing overnight with lots and lots of rain. Here is a quick...

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JKS Instruments

For Shoemaker, crafting boutique instruments transcends the sides and backs, tops, necks and bridges that go into a guitar.
“It’s the lifelong study of wood,” he said, quoting a friend.
In that vein, the luthier has made a point of studying the musical characteristics of various tone woods, arriving on a selection that suits his ear and his instruments.

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Snowmen at the beach in Sandpoint

What a great day for a Sunday drive in Sandpoint.  No Sunday drive in Sandpoint Idaho is complete for me without driving through the city beach. Not expecting to see anything but the windy, snowy, blustery  conditions of the day covering the area. I did however catch...

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Ross Creek Cedar Hike Montana

Ross Creek Cedar hike in Montana is a grove of western red cedars, some of which are more than 8 feet in diameter. An interpretive walking tour, slightly less than a mile in length, explains the area ecology and history, however we went a bit early in the season. Four...

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Schweitzer Spring Skiing Coming To A Close

Spring skiing on Schweitzer Mountain Sandpoint Idaho is coming to a close on the 13th. As usual, Schweitzer did not disappoint for the year! Or should I say all 50 years! It was a gorgeous day today and temperatures reached into the 70 mark. Although it did make for...

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Google names Sandpoint digital capital of Idaho

Just last year, Google listed Sandpoint the digital capital of Idaho. There is a lot that goes into this but suffice it to say, Sandpoint is at the heart of the digital world in Idaho. Sandpoint has always been known for it's majestic location at the heart of Lake...

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Sandpoint Idaho Winter Carnival K-9 keg pull 2014

The Sandpoint Idaho Winter Carnival K-9 keg pull 2014 was a blast. This event is focused on the panhandle animal shelter.  The Panhandle animal shelter is promoting the adoption of these animals in the most fantastic way. Their website is This year...

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Beyond Hope Resort

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