SOLDCheck out this GSG 522 in 22lr. Comes with box and 1 mag and scope rail. Fun little 22. $279.00

Posted by J Bar S Gunworks on Thursday, November 16, 2017

JbarS Gunworks

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Winter runoff begins!

The 2016 2017 winter has been a long winter with lots of storms and temperatures, now we're running up against spring and the run off has begun. With warmer temperatures during the daytime and still freezing overnight with lots and lots of rain. Here is a quick...

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JKS Instruments

For Shoemaker, crafting boutique instruments transcends the sides and backs, tops, necks and bridges that go into a guitar.
“It’s the lifelong study of wood,” he said, quoting a friend.
In that vein, the luthier has made a point of studying the musical characteristics of various tone woods, arriving on a selection that suits his ear and his instruments.

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Beyond Hope Resort

Stove Corral